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Hydrogen god
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of home energy

Later that morning.
I was thinking about cloning in the future, but i think I'll talk about it at a later time.

I was watching tv this morning and I saw a commercial on the WB 11 in New York. The commercial was set in a ballpark and featured a Father and Son,  The Father had bought his child a hot-dog, and the announce said, "Children who are given hot-dogs are 46% less likely to use drugs than kids who aren't given hot-dogs".
I thought that this was very insightful of the director.  Hot-dogs are great for kids and studies show that any kid who ingests a dozen or more hot-dogs a year stand a much better chance of developing different types of CANCER!

I sometimes wonder:  Every time a person  talks about alien abduction, they describe the experience lights, sounds, strange forces and temporal changes.  Many think that UFOs and aliens visit the earth, and take these people.  I think that maybe what we are experiencing here is tiny ripples in space time, which allows us to experience a different dimension.
    Along these lines, I believe that with drugs, specifically hallucinogenics, Our brains are capable of shifting space time to allow us to exist in a slightly shifted dimension.  The brain using the electrochemical processes with the ability to arrange Fe+ in the hemoglobin in the blood in the vessels surrounding the electrochemical center of the organism, in such a way to create an electro-magnetic shift in time space.  Subsequently, there is a basal space-time level.  Each animal with it different brain configurations affects space-time in different ways.  This is backed with differing classification  used for animal years, like dog years, horse years, etc.  We've essentially known this all along, Because we know that an animal's life is linked to its brain.  The brain of an animal is going to increase the shift  from basal space-time to exist.  The more the brain can shift from base line the more intricate the world can be perceived.  The animals that are able to manipulate this to there advantage are going to live longer happier existence's.